Gear Giggles

It's 92 cents below the lowest octave of E flat.

Big kitties, small kitties, boutique kitties, custom kitties.

The number of the beast

Dragonforce proving once again that they are more fun than your band.

One song - 13 guitars. Overkill? No such thing.

Finally, the easiest method of all. I can't believe I didn't try this!

The best pranks from bands, Pro Audio manufacturers, and yours truly.

Freezing, can't move at all/Screaming, can't hear my call/Tesseract is dying to live/Cry out, they're playing on ice!

The dude in this case is Pete Cottrell, a London based guitarist who collaborated with Rob Scallon on Djenty Metal

Apparently some fans can't see the light even though the #veilhasrisen.

Our fearless muckrackers take to the streets of Austin, armed with iPhone 5C.

Boy, does this vintage soda commercial from 1985 make me thirsty.