Gear Giggles

Apparently some fans can't see the light even though the #veilhasrisen.

Our fearless muckrackers take to the streets of Austin, armed with iPhone 5C.

Boy, does this vintage soda commercial from 1985 make me thirsty.

Solo guitar arrangements of rap songs?

Aaaaaaand that's enough internet for today.

The Extinction Level event of a lifetime.

"Kashmir," "The Ocean," and "Immigrant Song," on xylophone, marimba, and more!

Would a rose by any other name jam as sweet?

Maybe Lincoln Hall is the neighbor of the neighbor of the beast?

I'd also pay good money to see them in a rap battle, but this is a start.

Farter to the kingdom of well-fed.

American Sniper leading man Air Guitars to some Neil Young on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.

It's a single camera take, so it'd be impossible to fake, right?