TESSERACT Performs On a Stage Made of Ice

As a native Bostonian, I’m used to shitty cold weather (also shitty hot weather). I moved to California mainly to avoid exactly that. I’ve played in the cold before, and it’s no fun. Your fingers don’t move the way you tell them to, and as the cold cuts deeper into you you start to care less and less that your playing is degrading.


But this must have been a GREAT deal worse. Tesseract straight up performed on a solid block of Finnish ice in about -4° Farenheit (-20° socialist), and were apparently complaining of losing feeling in their fingers after just one song at soundcheck! But somehow they made it through (stiff upper lip wot wot?).

Drummer Jay Postones also did a Reddit AMA to answer all your burning (freezing?) questions about the event.

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  • The thought of bending a high E string in that kind of cold makes me cringe. Not to mention, how to they keep their instruments in tune in that weather? Pretty damn awesome either way.

  • their gayness makes even the ice dent

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