Dude Makes Metal With a Random Number Generator

The dude in this case is Pete Cottrell, a London based guitarist who collaborated with Rob Scallon on Djenty Metal Town, USA and also does some cool gear demos. The idea here is that he took two iPhones with random number generators, and set them accordingly with minimum and maximum number sets, and then used the time signatures generated as a template to compose a song. And it turned out righteous!


Is this a case of finding beauty in seemingly random events? Or is it possible to take whatever circumstances you are given and make something beautiful with it? Or am I reading too far into a funny idea? This isn’t the first composition of it’s kind – 20th Century classical composer John Cage used conch shells filled with water to make randomly generated sounds, over which the performer had no control, and then there’s the random breakdown generator. But this is considerably more musical.

Either way – good job Pete. Enjoy Random Number Metal:



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