Marky Ramone’s New Invention: The Smart Phone Swatter


We’re now, what, like a decade (?) into the era of Watching Concerts Through Your Telephone. Like many of you, I find this behavior highly reproachable. As Louis CK says to parents who watch their kid’s plays through iPads, pay attention to “the resolution on the kid”! We already let an exorbitant amount of photographers in to take low-angle pictures of shows on their DSLRs – put your phone away! Stop it! Stop that!

Marky Ramone agrees, and has pioneered a new piece of DIY gear (you can make it yourself!) designed to combat this problem head-on. Dubbed the “Smart Phone Swatter,” this innovative piece of technology should begin to become omnipresent at your local basement shows and Summer Slaughter 2015.

Source: CH2, a new venture from Internet stalwarts CollegeHumor.

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