Gear Giggles

Tuning to B is usually a lot lower - unless you're tuning UP to B!

The singularity approaches

Damn T-Mobile, should've just replaced his phone.

I wish I could watch all of your reactions and film them

If this was a leprechaun's rainbow, there's one unhappy leprechaun somewhere

Oh sure, when I do it it's "Trey you're making too much noise" and "Trey you're ruining mom's good china

Good idea - playing the Animaniacs theme on guitar. Bad idea - putting it on the internet so I can

Fluff, Jared Dines & co. take a swipe at big box music retail employees.

Wanna hear what AC/DC would sound like with Rob Halford? We have it in here!

Puts a new spin on the old sound

Ever wanted to play with a DRUNK drum machine?

If you're not watching Right Now with John Goblikon, you're blowing it.