METHRA Are A Peavey-Worshipping Sludge Band – This “Hartley’s Cult” Music Video Is Batsh*t


‘What the heck is Peavey making?’ We all know the truth, Hartley Peavey was killed and replaced in the late 80s with a doppelganger. Witness the dark truth of the resurrection of Hartley’s Cult.”

Methra will push your limit of suspending your disbelief in this video – but not in the usual way. You’re not going to believe that someone made something this insane, and then you’re going to have to believe it, because it will be happening right before your eyes.

Methra’s new EP Acolyte is based on persistent online rumors that a cabal of top amplifier manufacturers had Hartley Peavey killed and replaced with a doppelganger in the late 80s to stop the company from collapsing the industry due to low price points on the highest quality original amplifiers in the world.

So that’s a thing.

In their official video for “Hartley’s Cult”, they take the concept to new heights (lows?) by sacrificing amps made by other manufacturers and performing dark ceremonies to the lord of affordable US-made amplifiers.

If you’re an Acolyte too, you can pre-order the album here.

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