ADRENALINE MOB Announces New Drummer Jordan Cannata, Unleashes CRAZY Drum Solo

Check out the absolute piss-taking stick-trickery in this rad drum solo by Adrenaline Mob‘s new drum lord Jordan Cannata.


Adrenaline Mob have just released news of the arrival of their new drummer, Jordan Cannata. This boy has some serious chops. As a drummer myself I have to admit that a lot of the time drum solos bore me slightly. Often it seems to be the case that a drummer has his/her time to shine and they use it to eventually disappear up their own arse in a mix of ambient cymbal work (that goes on forever) and self-indulgent play-as-fast-as-you-can drum wankery.

Jordan keeps things fresh and interesting instead. In this not overly long and to the point drum solo he shows what you can do if you possess talent as well as intelligence. The result is an extremely enjoyable and watchable drum solo. The technique and skill showcased in the video leave no explanation needed as to why Adrenaline Mob have invited this dude to join them. A lot of his hand and footwork is compelling and enticing, rather than just hitting drums as fast as he possibly can in a willy-nilly fashion. Although he does plays fast and it’s impressive, he also adds his own flavour to it all. So if you’re at a show and the rest of the band disappear you might wanna hang around and watch rather than hit the bar for another beer.

Keep an eye out for some inventive stick tricks too.

The band have just finished work on album number 2 and have handed it over to their label Century Media. With more info coming soon regarding release date, artwork etc. make sure you keep ’em peeled over at the band’s website as you ain’t gonna wanna miss this one. With Jordan at the helm it’s gonna be an exciting one.

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