Watch ALUSTRIUM Bassist Kevin Penny Rip Through “The Plea”

If you’re unaware of how excellent the new Alustrium album A Monument To Silence is, or you just wanna see some crazy bass shred from Kevin Penny, then this one is for you. Watch as Penny absolutely crushes the band’s song “The Plea” in one insane take, and then go grab a copy of A Monument To Silence here.


“‘The Plea’ is my absolute favorite song to play on the album! There are so many great parts that Chris and Mike wrote that gave me a bunch of creative freedom to play around and change up the mood, while staying in the overall thematic context of the song,” said Penny.

“The audio you’re hearing was initially planned to be a comp of three takes, but we ended up really liking how things felt with a single live take, so we picked the best one and ran with it. I think it turned out great and am glad to share this song with everyone!”

Penny is playing a Ernie Ball Music Man John Myung Bongo 6 strung up with D’Addario Pro-Steels and run through a NeuralDSP Parallax.

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