HAVOK’s Pete Webber Improvises Some Off-the-Chain Drum Licks

People rarely talk about Havok‘s Pete Webber in “serious convos” about the best drummers in modern rock/metal – but this dude has been throwing down pretty phenomenal grooves since his debut with the band, Time is Up.


For my money, Webber’s up there with Brann/Haake/Rymer/Mario/Yacyshyn/etc not because of his considerable technique or precision, but because of how intricately he accents and locks in to guitarist David Sanchez’ musical ideas. Havok’s music is basically fast, blasting, 4/4 80’s metal, but Pete finds room in between every crack to add subtle bits of drumming flourish, without overwhelming the song.

It’s rare that you hear somebody like that just mess around and improvise for a couple minutes, particularly with everything nice and closely mic’d in a wonderful-sounding room. But that’s exactly what you get to watch below, with some footage taken after a recent Havok video shoot. Check it out:

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