REST, REPOSE Visited the MESA/BOOGIE Production Facility in California


Rest, Repose‘s own Jared Dines made a vlog-style dealio of the band’s recent visit to Mesa/Boogie HQ in Petaluma, CA. Unfortunately they weren’t allowed to film inside the actual building, which is kinda shot, so there’s a slideshow mid-video where you see like, tons of tubes and soldering irons and big machines and shit. Sadly, no amateur POV footage of dudes drilling stuff at the Mesa factory exists, but the photos and a little imagination go a long way.

It appears that a good time was had by all on this little Rest, Repose field trip. Don’t forget that they’re on a short sprint up the west coast with Hundred Suns through the weekend, on a tour presented by Gear Gods! Go to a show and have a fanboy moment on Jared Dines or something; he’s hella famous.

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