Gear Giggles

Lewis Black's Canadian metal producer cousin has some choice words for the trolls this week.

Check out a live, multi-cam set filmed on tape. That's right, magnetic tape.

For when you need a bit more Muff in your Box.

I'd love to send them both off of a dock and into the River Thames, but for very different reasons.

Because summer in Texas and Winter in Canada make for very different storage realities.

It turns out "Head Azimuth" isn't an overlord who rules over the Azimuth Empire.

Well, more specifically former Danzig guitarist John Christ's amp

I'm disrespectful to dirt! And

Build your #mypedaltrain and post it to Twitter! We nominate Annie Clark and Taylor Swift.

We're all guilty of some of these.

Every Time I Die converge with Kurt Ballou to make their new album

Here's your Tumblr of the week winner, folks.

Hoodies: the white lab coats of the 2010's?