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It turns out "Head Azimuth" isn't an overlord who rules over the Azimuth Empire.

Well, more specifically former Danzig guitarist John Christ's amp

I'm disrespectful to dirt! And

Build your #mypedaltrain and post it to Twitter! We nominate Annie Clark and Taylor Swift.

We're all guilty of some of these.

Every Time I Die converge with Kurt Ballou to make their new album

Here's your Tumblr of the week winner, folks.

Hoodies: the white lab coats of the 2010's?

I'd rather he talk minutes for 6 inches if you know what I mean

On the 4th of July, we celebrate America's decrepit birth.

Fun Fun Fun til their daddy takes the Shred Sled away

Between this and that Dream Theater post from a couple days ago, I'm ruminating on the creation of

You've heard of progressive metal, now enjoy REgressive metal!