Find of the Week: Breaking Bad Overdrives and Compressors

Tinypedals is a Swedish handmade boutique guitar pedal company. They make classic pedals with elegant designs, with names that seem appropriately European-trying-to-make-cool-sounding-English (but using Google Translate instead of WordReference); like GE 1968 Fuzz, Red Silicon, God of Gain, Octavus Fuzzus, a not-so-subtly Led Zeppelin-inspired fuzz titled The Holy Blue, and my personal favorite, Rymdklang:


Wtf is that thing in the middle??

Now I never watched Breaking Bad, so when I came across this little guy, Tinypedals’ Breaking Bad OD, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. Does “Bite” refer to methamphetamine-induced Bruxia? Or maybe the bite you take out of the gas station attendant’s arm while on your 72nd hour driving a big rig down I95 for IKEA? Is Blend a nod to gettin’ dirty in the lab? OD for overdose? Or is it possible that the Swedes behind this great little company are completely ignorant to American pop-culture phenomena and this is a hilarious coincidence? What do you think, is this all in my head?

I got curious if there were any more obvious references to the show out there in the effects world, so I started using Google. A quick targeted Reddit search led me to some guy whose girlfriend built and painted custom Breaking Bad-themed compressor for him, which is pretty great. I’d love to stomp on some dude’s goatee in order to kick in some killer effect.


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