GearGods Nominates You To Take The Pedalboard Planner Challenge

Sometimes when I’m wasted and walking to the train from Saint Vitus Bar in Greenpoint, I pass by the dozens of real estate storefronts in Williamsburg (“Luxury Real Estate: the Pinkberry of Williamsburg!”) and gaze at the photographs of empty luxury apartments and lofts for rent. And I wonder: what would my dream Brooklyn apartment look like?


Pedalboard Planner won’t help with that, but it can do you one better. They say that great Internet app’s are in the name – well, these guys are staking a claim to be the Snapchat of guitar pedalboard schematic apps. The site currently hosts 1179 pedals from 113 companies, and even includes dimensions of each pedal, so you can truly use the service to actually plan for a real life pedalboard.

So that’s what I did. Feast your eyes upon two of Maximus’ #mypedaltrain:

Fig. 1: Dirty Boys Club

Fig 2: 16 Way Huge Swollen Pickles

This is what dreams are made of.

Pedalboard Planner has a #hashtag, #son. So you can design your pedalboard, post it to Twitter, and add the hashtag #mypedaltrain. Nominate your friends to post their #mypedaltrain, to raise awareness about pedal manufacturers!

I nominate Annie Clark and Taylor Swift to post their dream pedalboards. You have 24 hours.



See More #mypedaltrain at Pedalboard Planner‘s Facebook Feed.

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