How Would You Like to Own Danzig’s Amp?

How would you like to own the amplifier used to record Danzig’s classic hit “Mother”? Well fuck you, because you can’t. But the ’70s Yamaha solid-state combo used for some of the guitar layers on Danzig 4? Now that might be a rung of the ladder for you to reach for.


Original Danzig guitarist John Christ is selling this 40 or so year-old Yamaha G50-112 on Craigslist, for the inscrutable price of $155. That’s the kind of random dollar amount that you’re only supposed to wind up with after a long haggling session. You don’t start there.


But anyway, the best thing about the Craigslist post is all of the concert photos of John Christ’s very nice rig: 2 full stacks of Marshall Cabs, a VHT Pitbull and Classic power amp, a vintage Laney. But you see what isn’t in that killer rig? The amp that he’s actually selling. According to the listing, Christ “combined this amp with two others in the studio recording Danzig 4P.” Mother, tell your children not to buy this amp.

…unless they’re big fans of Danzig 4. Honestly that’s a really underrated album.

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