GOD’S HATE Compel You To “Be Harder” In This Exclusive Drum Playthrough By Colin Young

With their upcoming self-titled album set to be released on March 12th, Los Angeles-based hardcore act GOD’S HATE are holding absolutely nothing back. Featuring Colin Young of Twitching Tongues and pro-wrestler extraordinaire Brody King, the band have positioned themselves nicely with their ultra-aggressive and groove-oriented sound. So we are pleased to present this exclusive drum playthrough for their new song “Be Harder”, with Colin killing it behind the kit. Check it!


From Colin:

“The recording process for this album was an interesting one, I tracked the drums without a click track or scratch guitar. Just a guy and some drums. Having written the guitar parts myself, at the time of recording, Taylor (who engineered, produced, mixed, and played all guitars on the album) wasn’t 100% familiar with every song yet. We figured I knew the songs well enough just to go for it, as they mostly only existed in my mind up to that point. This used to be our standard way of recording things before we really became aware that it was an insane thing to do. I tracked the drums for the first Twitching Tongues (I band in which I sing and Taylor plays guitar) album “Sleep Therapy”, as well as every song for our older band Ruckus the same way, so it wasn’t my first solo rodeo. This makes things like drum play-through videos a real toss-up. It should be as simple as ‘just play to the song’, but I’m playing to me, who was initially playing to nothing, and who knows what the hell he was doing.”

And as for his drumming gear, here’s the scoop:

Be sure to pre-order the new album here before it hits virtual shelves on March 12th.

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