A Two-Sided Bass Guitar – Strings On BOTH Sides Of The Neck!

Leo Lyons, most well known as the (now former) bassist of Ten Years After seems like a pretty chilled out dude, so when someone walked into his dressing room at a show and handed him a bass with two fretboards on only one neck (one fretted and one fretless), he took it in classic English stride.


I’m surprised this is the first I’ve ever heard of something like this, it seems like at least one person has to have done it before – it’s just stupid enough to work. Anybody know of another?

This one was made by Inspire! Instruments out of Germany. Seems like it could be handy for the gigging bassist who doesn’t want to haul 2 basses but needs to play multiple styles. I can’t help feeling that for additional flippability the should remove the wings entirely and go kind of Steinberger style.

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  • It probably is really uncomfortable to play actually. You would have to have your thumb rest on the other side’s strings

    • What about this one? It is light weight, double sided double neck.

  • I have actually seen a double sided bass similar to this before. At college I studied music technology and one band came in the oldest guy in the band brought loads of crazy instruments he had made, the first being his double sided bass there was a guitar with the same design and an old sawing machine he basically made in to and automatic slider guitar.

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