MeSugar – Meshuggah Covered With Sugary Snacks As Rhythm Section

Now here’s some creativity in action. In the name of science, Pete Cottrell went the distance on this wacky experiment, using a variety of chiefly British candy and sodas I’ve never heard of to create a bunch of percussion samples to cover Meshuggah’s “Straws Pulled at Random”.


The results are pretty sweet.

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  • This is freaking mental :D

  • Its awesome!
    and he looks like micheal cera XD

  • This was freaking AWESOME!!!!

  • Cool idea. Let’s not forget this bizarre Tom Waits-sounding kitchen cover:

  • Knew this was British as soon as I saw Tizer for £1 in the thumbnail. Fucking love Tizer. Not as good as Irn Bru but still a nice drink.

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