Rob Scallon and Andrew Huang Deconstruct Guitar As We Know It

But…. but… that’s not how you’re supposed to play a guitar!


Lucky for us, Rob Scallon doesn’t give a shit about how you’re “supposed” to do anything, and along with collaborator Andrew Huang, has taken on the challenge of playing the guitar vertically, one note at a time. It’s almost like using a sequencer, but longer and more difficult. (The editing on this must have been a Herculean task.) You might be loathe to just push play, because you’re a damned traditionalist, but you’ll be glad you did.

Andrew Huang is the accepter of all musical challenges. Definitely check out his channel for oodles of wacky music, where he makes songs with anything from water, to tires, to chairs, and pretty much anything people challenge him to.

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  • Seems kinda similar to what Alkaloid did on “C-Value Enigma”.

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