Watch Gabriel Guardian of FYER Shred Guitar and Keyboard Simultaneously

FYER is the EDM side-project of Immortal Guardian’s dual-wield guitarist/keyboardist Gabriel Guardian. You may remember him from his Cemetary Gates cover, in which he plays both parts simultaneously on guitar and keyboard, like an insane person on crazy pills.


Perhaps EDM isn’t your thing. Actually, for many diehards, metal and electronic music are mortal enemies locked in eternal combat, an endless war of the mind and soul, arch nemeses forever battling for supremacy. Well, that’s how metalheads see it, anyway, EDM fans don’t know or give a shit.

But here to prove that there is no reason apples and oranges can’t be friends, FYER immaculately blends shred and electronic beats. His compositions are awesome, trading melodies between the instruments with blazing speed and hooks you’ll never be able to burn out of your brain.

Check out “Sunset Saloon”, where young gunslinger Gabriel demonstrates his superior aim and firepower to win the old west (or some shit) – this is not a mimed playthrough, either – this is live.

We were also lucky to catch him live at NAMM, where he performed for stunned crowds who subsequently clogged the tiny hallway where he was playing.

You may not have liked EDM before, but I bet you do now – at least a little bit.

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