Well, Here’s Devin Townsend’s “March of the Poozers” Covered By An 11-Year-Old

I know that some of you may be as sick of the “watch this 4-year old be better than you at drums” trend in Internet content as I am, but trust me, that’s not what this is. Because for one, and not to take anything away from this kid’s performance, but “March of the Poozers” off Devin Townsend’s Z2 album isn’t exactly the showiest, most challenging piece of drumming ever recorded.


What’s cool about this video, and I think is part of the reason Devin shouted it out on his Facebook page, is that it’s not one of those prodigies playing through some technical wizardry – it’s that 11-year-old Daniel Varfolomeyev cares enough and knows enough about the underground to want to learn and demonstrate his prowess on a Devin Townsend song  (Devin’s a leader in the metal world broaching the mainstream corners of the genre, but he’s not exactly Slipknot, Metallica, etc).

Daniel is clearly is having a blast, and he’s pretty good! Kudos to the kid. Watch and enjoy:

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