Where Does Your Pick Go When You Drop It? This Video Tells The Story

We’ve all been there – you drop your guitar pick, you think you see where it went, and then it’s just gone forever. It’s such a small thing, and so cheap to replace, unless you’re in a bind, it’s rarely worth the effort to go chasing it too hard – but still… you wonder where it could have gone.


This awesome music video from former Orphaned Land and Oriental Rock pioneer Yossi Sassi attempts to answer at least one scenario of what happens in these instances, and features some of his very awesome and unique music.

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  • Finally some recognition for Yossi Sassi! Been touting his name, and Orphaned Land (the band that I learned of him from) for years everywhere I can. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Yossi in person, and not only is he a phenomenal guitar player, but a phenomenal human being as well!

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