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8 string guitar, arranged for 2 string sitar.

Does your tone need a squeeze? Get one of these!

Mr. Reyes has got a beautiful new signature guitar on LTD.

Not one but TWO video lessons from the Animals as Leaders mainman.

Ibanez went full-dynamic-angle in this clip.

I don't think that's a working phone, Joe. Where did you even get that thing? It looks like something you'd

A gift from the metal pantheon on high.

In other news, President Nixon has just resigned his post. And who is this Tosin Abasi guy?

For those of you who love Animals as Leaders but hate having an 8th string.

We caught up with the Cynic gutiarist to discuss the new mentality behind Kindly Bent To Free Us, the difficulties

It's a Liuteria GNG Brea Dr.V signature Absynth Amaranth, which I think is just a list of all the items

8-string acoustic? Pfffft, I'm holding out for the 9-string

Sack up your purse and reunite with your blues valise, and watch as we case the joint, even if it's

It's not a performance, so don't expect him to be Tosin off sick riffs, but he does talk about the

There's something about the last name "Abbott" I guess.