Unplugged Extended Range: Tosin Abasi on a Julien Bergeron 8-String

Extended range electric guitars are so 2013. We’re all about extended range acoustics. And by “we” I mean Tosin Abasi from Animals As Leaders.


Tosin is usually an Ibanez kind of guy, but he was caught on video jamming on a custom acoustic 8-string by Montreal-based luthier Julien Bergeron (my second-favorite Bergeron). It’s the #8 model specifically. I was hoping the #9 had 9 strings so we could have a drawn out debate about it, but alas my internet dreams were dashed.

I’m a metal/hardcore/rock guy that only dabbles in acoustics, so I was totally unaware of bloodwood, which is found in this guitar. But seriously, metal community, why are we not using this in every guitar we play? We use basswood but not bloodwood? What are we, warriors of steel, or are we fish? God I hope we aren’t fish.

Source: Guitar World

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  • Old video is OLD!! cool guitar though.

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