More solid advice for those looking to hammer out some audio. Drum audio. First tip. Don't use an actual hammer.

Recording engineer Eyal Levi tells you what you need to know to get a great drum recording.

If you like charts then do we ever have the news post for you!

Pensado's Place does a lengthy interview regarding Andrews' production work

Who would win in a fight, Axe-FX or an Imperial Star Destroyer?

Ola Strandberg, of the Astral EXR Systems company, is one of the most forward-thinking and original guitar designers in the

These videos bring together 3 things I love in life; drums, film, and physics. A company called Ultraslo, who specializes in high speed (slow motion) cinematography, shows us what a drum hit looks like at 3000 frames per second. The above video displays the resonant force involved in each and every stroke of the drum that is undetectable to the naked eye, and it is awesome!