Not really. His returns only accrue.

Glenn Fricker: Making the internet better, one angry video at a time.

Fusing different kinds of metal with an iron, sounds pretty metal to me.

5 times it's okay to suck out loud.

Drummers: are you bored of spewing in 4/4? Get in here and up your game.

Learn a riff AND get your music theory fix.

The world's best, and also shittiest, coffee.

Wait, is that a Fender P-Bass in David's hands instead of one of his trusty Jacksons?

They've got the kind of riffs that made Nietzche write "The Antichrist"

...That joke would have landed better if the band were called "Dethkalendar."

Marty dishes the dirt on how to make "wrong bulls**t" sound like