DESTRAGE – Behind the Scenes of “A Means to No End” Studio Documentary


Last October, Italian progressive metal band Destrage released their fourth LP, A Means to No End. Over the course of their time working on the album, the band and members of the studio crew captured intimate footage of each other, documenting the creative process. Now that the record’s had time to sit with listeners and gather plenty of “How’d they do thats,” the behind-the-scenes mini documentary (consisting of all that self-shot footage compiled into a coherent story by a director), is ready for consumption.

Among the numerous topics broached throughout the documentary are some particularly interesting production insights, like how bassist Gabriel Pignata developed his tone for the album. If you’re at all into making music yourself, videos like these can be a wealth of information and inspiration. Watching studio docs is basically like the funnest lecture you’ll ever sit through, so taking the 20 or so minutes to see a band’s process is well worth the time. They also consider this the most challenging record they’ve done so far, but were nonetheless able to pull off something incredible.

Destrage are hitting the road with Periphery and The Contortionist on May 2nd for “The European Unrest Tour.” For dates and deets, check out their Facebook page for more.


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