THE WEEKLY RIFF: MYLES KENNEDY Walks Through His New Song “Year of the Tiger”


By now, you know what the Gear Gods are about. Metal and electric guitars. That’s about 98 percent of what we have on this site. BUT NOT TODAY! Myles Kennedy and his infinite wisdom appear with acoustic guitar in tow to class this bitch up in this acoustic installment of The Weekly Riff.

This week’s riff comes from Myles’ acoustic solo album called Year of the Tiger, and he teaches our leader Trey how to play the title track. The song is super folksy sounding and has a really cool shimmer to it that hopefully makes even the heavy heads bob along. Trey even wore a shirt with a collar for the occasion. Kept the beanie though. Probably a smart move.

Year of the Tiger is out TODAY and you can find it on his website, and at all music retailers. He is currently on tour supporting the record in South Africa, with Europe later in the month and into April, and coming back to the U.S. in May. Tour dates on Facebook and below!

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