Watch APOGEAN’s Gabriel Silva Castro Shred Through “Chrono”

Check out Apogean guitarist Gabriel Silva Castro as he shreds through the band’s new single “Chrono”.


For the playthrough, Castro is using an Ibanez RG927WZCZ through a Pod HD500x and Neural DSP Omega Ampworks Granophyre, while Dexter Forbes is playing the Ernie Ball Music Man Jason Richardson 7-String Cutlass. For the drums, Castro employed GetGood Drums.

“‘Chrono’ was a blast to write and record. It all happened at the start of the pandemic, and I think the craziness of the world’s current situation helped shape the creative process,” said Castro. “I’d like to also thank my Pod HD500x for giving me its last breath of tone in this song.

“It was a goal of mine when writing this song to have a hook that keeps coming back and gets stuck in your head, while also bringing my ‘Yurei’ video game style in for the more melodic sections. With the help of master Zack Ohren in the producer chair, and Dexter bringing his style and feel to the table for the ending; the final result turned out better than I could have imagined!”

Apogean released their new album Into Madness on June 11. Grab a copy here.

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