Chris Schiermann Brings Forth the Instrumental Prog With New Song “Stygian Path”

Progressive Instrumental prog guitarist Chris Schiermann is now streaming his first new material since 2017, a 10-minute composition called “Stygian Path”. The track features guest spotes from The Mars Volta saxophonist Adrian Gonzalez and guitarist Jakub Zytecki toward the end, while the whole track features drums from Entheos drummer Navene Koperweis and soundscapes from Mike Malyan (Monuments, DispersE).


“Stygian Path’ is one of my favorites. It has so many elements and moods but still holds that dark vibe throughout, hence the name,” said Schiermann.

“It was one of those songs that just kept writing itself; go Prog!! It takes you on a journey with its many riffs and time signatures, especially as Navene Koperweis’ drums alone are quite amazing because the time signatures are all over the place and it’s mega challenging. Mike Malyan from DispersE who’s now back in Monuments did all the sound effects, ambience, and keyboards to top off the overall feel and expression of the song.”

Schiermann is currently working on a new album he hopes to have done later this summer. For updates on the album, follow Schiermann on Instagram and YouTube. You can also check out his site here.

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