Want to Make Your Own Modern Noise? Go into the Studio with Between the Buried and Me’s Vocalist and Producer

Tommy Rogers and Jamie King have made quite a few albums, and people seem to like them. A lot. Of course the band that Rogers fronts, Between the Buried and Me, has been known for their killer studio output thanks to the aptly-named King. Would groups like Last Chance to Reason, the Contortionist, and White Arms of Athena have rung him up were it not for his work producing B.T. Bam? I don’t know. I don’t have a time machine…. yet. But somewhere in a parallel universe someone is yelling “no bloody way” from a dirigible.


Outside of a half-dozen or so proper Between the Buried and Me full-lengths, Mr King lent his engineering prowess to the band’s side projects, like Trioscapes and the solo alter-ego of Tommy Rogers: Thomas Giles. Modern Noise, the new LP from Thomas Giles, has had heaping mounds of praise ladled atop of it from my fellow Gear Gods wordsmith Max Frank, and I really should make a point of checking it out.

But to hell with listening to records when you could be making them, am I right? Want to learn to record like King? Can you hone you musical vision to compete with Tommy’s? Do you want to come out of the studio with something that isn’t digital and lifeless but is instead glowing, pulsing like some supermutant that… oh my god! Its cells are now multiplying at an exponential rate!!! Soon its mass will cover the entire city if we can’t stop it! Can anyone…. Oh thank god, it’s Ultraman!!!!

CreativeLive is back, doing what the production house does best: reining in evil geniuses like Rogers and King so that you may harness their wisdom for good instead of evil. That’s why this coming Monday and Tuesday, December 8th and 9th, you should be tuning in (for free, of course) to Studio Pass: Tommy Rogers & Jamie King.

“You’ll learn about the role good pre-production plays in getting the best sound and what you should do before you ever set foot inside the studio. You’ll learn about the recording process as Tommy and Jamie track drums, bass, vocals, and guitar for a song from Tommy’s solo album. They’ll also deconstruct Pro Tools sessions and talk about how performance impacts the final arrangement.”

That sounds like something that would be right up your alley, you eager home-producing guy or gal. If you want to sign up and view the class for free, head to this location. Those looking to purchase access to view the content at their leisure after the fact can throw $69 of their personal eDollars into the web nethersphere.

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