This Vomit Fist Drum Lesson Will Teach You To Hurl In 15/8

One of my favorite new bands to emerge this year is Vomit Fist, a father/son grindcore trio who (rumor has it) practice in, and are from, the Gowanus Canal. The canal is a literal swamp, basically the last remaining vestige of pre-Giuliani New York grime. When Hurricane Sandy hit last year, the rivers of the Canal Rose to spew forth poo-flavored water upon the streets of Industrial Brooklyn (pre-Whole Foods). Luckily, they also spat out Vomit Fist.


Catchy, fun, and brutal, their debut Forgive But Avenge, which features artwork from the incredibly talented Paolo Girardi, is really great. You need to listen to this band, but don’t take it from me: give them 48 seconds by watching one of the most entertaining metal videos I’ve seen this year:

Along with the new video and EP, Vomit Fist drummer Lukrot has posted a little lesson and playthrough video for “A Public Execution,” in which he talks through the tune, as well as about playing in 15/8 time. Enjoy!

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