Rigged – Premiere Guitar Gets The Inside Look at PERIPHERY’s Gear


Oh, Periphery. There isn’t a metal head on planet Earth that doesn’t know their name. Take it or leave it, Periphery are here to stay. And you have to hand it to them, they know what they’re talking about, and they write some catchy tunes. And they always have some killer new toys at live show. So, if you’re into Periphery and flashy guitars have we got a deal for you! Misha, Mark, and Jake show off their fancy new guitars and such in a huge amount of detail in this hour long episode of Rig Rundown from Premiere Guitar. If you have the time, give it your peepers.

Periphery has no new tour dates coming up as far as I can tell, but they did just announce the sign up for their summer camp “Periphery Summer Jam Camp 2018”. You can find information about that on the website for it. And whenever Periphery does announce a tour or music or salsa, keep an eye out on their Facebook.

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