SCHECTER GUITARS: Go Behind the Scenes at the USA Custom Shop


If you’re a Schecter fan, we’ve got a little treat for you. Schecter Guitar Research just put out a pretty rad behind-the-scenes video at their Custom Shop facility in Sun Valley, CA. If you’re into building instruments, woodwork, or just wanna feel like a secret agent infiltrating a secret corporation, you’ll probably love this.

At the facility, you get a pretty good idea of all the work that goes into making Schecter instruments. Shots of things like neck work, body modification, filing, and CNC action all take place at the Custom Shop. Tons of neat work goes into making the custom instruments here, and hopefully this little montage gives you a better idea of the effort behind it! If this inspired you to pick up a Schecter guitar, head over to their website and check out their newest models!

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  • I own several high end Schecter guitars. They are all incredible except for some reason, they use the cheapest volume pot they can find.

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