Watch CENTURIES’ Nathan Smart Rip Through New Single “Godless”

Centuries, or specifically guitarist and vocalist Nathan Smart, is here to completely destroy your speakers with his playthrough of the band’s new single “Godless”. Watch as Smart brings the crushing riffs with his customized SubZero Rogue 6 baritone guitar with Bare Knuckle Impulse pickups, but y’know – try not to break your neck headbanging.


“For the past two years we have been working closely with record producer George Lever to cultivate ideas and hone the progression of our sound. While developing a refreshing writing style to break the boundaries of the band’s genre, George captured the best of each member and really pushed our abilities. We have strived to produce material ignoring peers and create a body of work devoid of timestamp and trends.

“I used a modified Subzero Baritone for this song. Taking out the stock pickups and replacing them with one bridge pickup is something I seem to do with all my guitars. I just prefer how it feels and looks. I am a big fan of Bare Knuckle Pickups and installing the Bare Knuckle Impulse made this guitar a whole lot better. It’s, in my opinion, the best pickup for low tuned riffing, it handles the register of the low notes really well with clarity still being kept in the high end.

“This is something that a lot of pickups seem to struggle with but Bare Knuckle have mastered. Because the midrange isn’t super boosted, you can manipulate the sound of these pickups before an amp with an EQ pushing more midrange into the first gain stage if required, having this versatility is perfect for our songs.”

“‘Godless’ is a fun song to play on guitar, the mixture of legato riffs and chugging patterns is a real workout for both hands. If you’re interested in learning the song we are releasing a guitar pro tab for Godless shortly after the release of this playthrough. So for anyone that’s looking to learn the track, keep a keen eye on our socials. There will be a competition, where the best cover will win some Centuries merch.”

Listen to “Godless” below and grab some Centuries merch here.

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