RIGGED – DYING FETUS’ Trey Williams Shows Off His Gear

Trey Williams of the mighty Dying Fetus gives us a rundown of his rig for Digital Tour Bus, give it a blast:


Trey Williams is one badass motherfucker, some of the shizzle he plays is utterly ridiculous and he and his band have been at the forefront of death metal for a hell of a long time. Technical ability is right up there with these dudes and this video shows you everything that Trey plays for a live show; he talks you through each aspect of his kit so you drum nerds can get an understanding of what one of the masters of death metal plays live.

His setup is really cool; Trey uses Vic Firth 5BN drumsticks (good choice) for his pummelling onslaught and wears DB drum shoes for comfort and feel.  He also plays Axis Longboard pedals for that extra bit of speed, Sabian cymbals, Pearl drums and even has a KoRn logo on his hi-hats. Wait, what?!

His drumming is better than his joke-telling though. Check tha vid.

Dying Fetus’ new album brilliantly titled Wrong One to Fuck With is out now.

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  • Yo Williams, and/or editor. Where you been? Sacramento misses you. No fuckit, just me atleast. Stay terrible. Love, peace and giggles bitch

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