The ex-Shai Halud vocalist and current Enabler guitarist gives you the breakdown on how the Hollow Earth is tilled. Tilling

No, the Eureka Prom is not a formal dance for people who are really into science.

Looks like you need another round of Glenn Fricker Yelling at you to whip you into shape.

Lewis Black's Canadian metal producer cousin has some choice words for the trolls this week.

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The Blotted Science mainman will release instructional videos detailing the theory and practice of Human Entomology.

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Outtakes from the band's new video provide a behind-the-scenes look at the Flash Mosh.

You know, with that Otari 24-track that you casually make records on all the time.

Pyrrhon feel the noise. Girls rock your boys.

Featuring a fairly unconventional placement for a Shure SM7B.