The Weekly Riff – “In the Mouth of Madness” by Hollow Earth Guitarist Mike Moynihan

The new Hollow Earth record may be Silent Graves, but their riffs more than make up for the volume differential.


If you’re unfamiliar with guitarist Mike Moynihan’s current band then you might know him better by the other group he holds the axe in: Enabler. Or perhaps you’re mostly familiar with another little musical endeavor that he used to partake in, by the name of Shai Halud?

Hollow Earth continues his streak of creative riffing–a fretted onslaught that does nothing to stop the flow of energy leaping out of the output jack. Hell, even slowed down for instructional purposes, it may just bee too much riff for you.

Once you’ve drilled the guitar part and you feel the call of the rest of the record, you can preorder in time for the November 11th release by way of Panic Records. And if you want a full song to hold you over, you can stream “World to Come” over at Metal Sucks.

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