I BUILT THE SKY & Jake Howsam Lowe Bring the Fat Grooves in “Stonewalker”

I Built The Sky and Jake Howsam Lowe (The Helix Nebula, Plini) have teamed up for the maximum amount of groovy, beautiful shred by way of their upcoming Coalesce EP. We’re streaming the guitar playthrough of the new single “Stonewalker”, whose visuals are exactly as enticing as the music.


Coalesce is out September 17 and pre-orders are available here.

Coalesce features Nathan Bulla (Intervals) on drums and Toby Peterson-Stewart (The Omnific) on bass, with Adam Bentley (Arch Echo) mixing the effort and Dan McNally mastering. Coalesce also features an insane guest solo from virtuoso Andre Nieri (Virgil Donati) on the track “Ascendant”.

“Getting to finally collaborate on a full release with [I Built The Sky guitarist Rohan ‘Ro Han’ Stevenson] was awesome and I think our writing styles complemented each other perfectly to make the whole process a breeze. The second track ‘Mirage’ is a personal favourite but it’s hard to choose just one!” said Lowe.

“I’ve always admired Jake’s talents ever since coming across his music and to finally lock in some time together to work on an EP was nothing but a pleasure. Jake and my chemistry was obvious in the writing sessions and the end results I am truly proud of. My favourite track is ‘Ascendant’ with a big soft spot for ‘Ataraxia’ which turned out beautifully,” added Stevenson.

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