Because inexpensive doesn't have to mean cheap.

You don't want limp, straggly rosewood, do you? You're looking for volume.

Seriously, how many of us would have done far better in math class if we had to sub-divide time signatures

Christofer Malmström is thinking "I'd like to make what's Mechanically Div-mine Mechanically Div-yours." Or that's what he would think if

Well it's time to get it dead right. I mean

If you're not keeping up with the Blotted Science dude, I feel bad for you son.

The Audiohammer Recording/Mixing Engineer (and frequent collaborator on our CreativeLive tutorial co-ventures) gives you the low down on three small-diaphragm

In this case it's a beautiful Mayones Regius 7.

We're all guilty of some of these.

When the Levi breaks (the news) about mixing metal, you listen.

When it rains it pours, huh? I threw it out there to some bands that "hey, I don't know if

Resting on the sabbath is for wimps who can't play 80 billion notes per second.

Wait, you mean microphones are more than a pop shield and a cable coming out the rear end?

And its software, specifically designed to customize the footswitch for Kemper optimization.

Seriously, if given the record to record with or sans robot, you're going to pick the robot.

And ultimately, to better articulate your melodies.