Mastering Metal Mixing with Eyal Levi on CreativeLive – Sep 29-Oct 1st

If you’ve seen any of Eyal Levi’s past CreativeLive courses, then you are probably very excited for this. Eyal is a no-bullshit producer who has worked on a huge number of influential modern metal records with big name artists at the legendary Audiohammer studios. So far he has covered topics such as metal songwriting, composing metal melodies and harmonies, and drum production and programming, and now we get to hear how he approaches finalizing the end product.


It’s gonna be a doozy, an in-depth, 3 day course that promises to cover everything from prep to fundamentals to finalizing your mix, start to finish. Check out the description and RSVP for the course here. Did I mention that it’s free to watch while it’s happening live? You can also buy access to see it whenever you want for just $99. Whatta deal.

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