The Grandson of Mr. Green Genes has a new series of instructional guitar videos.

ex-Faceless bassist shows you how you can creatively use your thumb.

Get the kick right or get kicked to the curb.

We got advice from a bunch of working metal engineers on the best OD pedals and how they use them.

Not one but TWO video lessons from the Animals as Leaders mainman.

Legendary jazz fusion guitarist breaks down the fundamentals of improvisation. And smokes cigs.

Guitarist of choice for Halford, Sebastian Bach, and more runs down classic metal riffs.

Remember Children of Bodom?

Finally, the easiest method of all. I can't believe I didn't try this!

Mic shootouts and positioning galore!

Creative Live's upcoming clinics "Guitarist’s Tech Workshop" with Kurt Bloch and Ben Verellen and “Fundamentals of Drum Tuning and

Potentially the most important step.

The Denver shredder shares some secrets of the craft.