ANUP SASTRY – Periphery “The Way The News Goes” Drum Cover

We’ve featured the absolute bad lad that is Anup Sastry here at Gear Gods before, and that’s because he rocks harder than your parents’ bedroom. Check out his cover of “The Way the News Goes” by tech lords Periphery.


So this is pretty damn cheeky, Anup covers this rad Periphery track from the Periphery III: Select Difficulty album, and his consummate ease, technical ability and skill ooze all over this drum track. It’s always hard when making an attempt to cover a song by a band which is so established in their own sound and style. The problem can be firstly: whether you can actually play the song and then secondly: whether you can put your own slant on it; some drummers can copy another drummer’s playing but not stamp their own authority on it. Anup has zero issue with this. He’s really easy to watch and has a weird fluidity to his playing which makes it almost hypnotic against the ambient tech landscapes of the tune itself, and those blast beats are seriously naughty.

Give it a watch!

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