One-Stop Solo Shop: Dunable EIDOLON Dave Davidson Signature Delay + Reverb + Boost Pedal

That’s right, we got our hands on the new Dave Davidson signature EIDOLON Delay + Reverb + Boost pedal from Dunable and put it through its paces! If you’re familiar with the music of Revocation, you know that there is no shortage of guitar solos, and Dave Davidson is a man who knows how to write ’em! So it only makes sense that a man who shreds as frequently as Dave would need a pedal that caters to every single note every single time. Enter: the EIDOLON.


The EIDOLON is a flexible and practical delay, reverb, and boost guitar pedal by Dunable designed to provide a one-tap solution to your guitar solo needs. By boosting the signal and adding a delay and reverb wet mix, the pedal ensures that your licks are heard far and wide with the ease of a button. Tapdancing around your pedalboard is the last thing you want to do before laying down some sweet, sweet widdly-dos, and this pedal has truly got your back in that department.

“The Eidolon is a fully integrated digital delay, reverb, and boost. The delay features up to 1 second of repeats and tap tempo control. The reverb morphs from a short room style decay to a near-infinite ambiance. The final mix of dry and delay/reverb signals may be boosted by up to 21dB of flat IC gain – perfect for a solo boost.”

  • Boost: from 0dB to 21dB of clean gain
  • Delay: level of the effected signal
  • Reverb: the amount of reverb mixed in with the effected signal
  • Color: reverb depth from a small room to a cavernous hall
  • Time: delay time – overridden by Tap switch
  • Feedback: the amount of repeats, from single to infinite
  • Mod: engages modulation on the delay repeats
  • Tap: tap tempo based on the two most recent taps
  • Bypass: effect on/off

You can learn more about and get your hands on the Dunable EIDOLON pedal on their website.

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