Evan Brewer’s Double-Thumb Bass Technique

Are there any bassists in the metal/prog scene more revered than Evan Brewer? His work in the Faceless, Animosity, among other bands, as well as his solo work, is frequently cited by musicians and non-musicians alike as the paradigm for creative modern bass playing.


Now, I’m actually less familiar with Brewer’s playing than I probably should be (although I have enjoyed what I’ve heard, I’m still not quite sold on The Faceless as a band), I’m definitely not in a place to argue the contrary. And after reviewing Brewer’s new video lesson, courtesy JamPlay, I am much more curious about his solo work.

The technique he runs down is pretty simple – its sort of like economy picking on guitar. Brewer also talks about some different applications for the technique depending on the kind of music you’re playing. Check it out below:

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