Rigged: THE ARMED Bring Mechanical Modular Madness To Poppy Space-Metal


Gear Gods introduced The Armed to our consumers in 2015, after the band released their post-everything primal scream, Untitled. We’ve been waiting on baited breath for ONLY LOVE, their Kurt Ballou-produced, Ben Koller drum’d, Tommy Wiseau-approved follow-up, an album that will surely change the world and teach us that there are no solutions, or questions, only love!

It’s coming soon. In fact, it’s coming out April 27 via No Rest Until Ruin (U.S.) / Throatruiner (Europe).

Now that you’ve read those sentences and clicked those links, watch our Rigged episode above, featuring The Armed’s circuit-bender/electronic programmer Kenny. Given so many of our Rigged’s tend to focus on guitars, amps, and drums, we think you’re gonna dig this one, and maybe learn something new!

Afterwards, check out how Kenny applied this massive machine in the studio, on “Luxury Themes,” below:

I wasn’t kidding about Tommy Wiseau, btw. He was in one of their music videos, dressed as a swamp thing wearing baseball gloves.

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