THE DEAR HUNTER Are the Subjects of the Newest Rig Rundown From Premier Guitar



Things are going to go in a, different, direction today. We’re not talking about unnecessary custom djent machines. We’re not talking about the spiciest new heavy metal memes. We’re not even showing off guys being punched in the dick. That’s right, we’re going straight up (progressive) indie rock. But don’t worry, because we are talking about The Dear Hunter today, and they’re the fucking shit. The folks at Premier Guitar have a crazy in-depth walkthrough of the guitarists about their rigs in Rig Rundown.

For those not in the loop on these wild boys, I recommend diving in as soon as you can, their music is something else. There are so many textures and sounds in everything that they do, that you get sucked in and never let go. And their live rig is just as mesmerizing. Something’s gotta make all of that sound! Vocalist/mastermind Casey Crescenzo builds all of the band’s guitars and basses, and hearing him talk about that process in depth is fascinating. Among the guitar talk is also a lot of talk about amp preferences, pedalboards (That all analog board is my dream), and everything else that goes into hunting dears. If you’re stumped on getting some excellent not-so-metal sounds, this is a great place to start.

The Dear Hunter recently finished up a tour with Between the Buried and Me (Yes, really.) in support of their excellent newest release All is As All Should Be, which you can find anywhere that you can buy or stream music. The band has been a tad quiet since finishing that tour, but they tend to come out with new tunes every year, so check their Facebook page often for news coming out.

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