ROB SCALLON Brings the Metal Russian Folk Style in “Balalaika Metal”


Rob Scallon is one of those guys that is just real good at seeing potential in things that other people miss. This video is no exception. Here we see Rob constructing a tasty metal tune utilizing the balalaika, a three-stringed traditional Russian folk instrument. Most of the time when I see people using “ironic” instruments for “funny” metal videos, I kind of hate them and just have to shake my head. However, Rob has done it again and the tune is actually pretty damn sick.

For the video, Rob is using a Roosebeck Deluxe Prima Balalaika, and you can purchase the track on iTunes.

Be sure to check out the videos for Rob writing with the balalaika and his bass balalaika playthrough. You can support the man and all his madness on Patreon.

Finally be sure to check out Rob’s social outlets!



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