RIGGED: The Lost Chronicles of BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME’s Tommy Rogers


We recently shot a Rigged with the dudes in Between the Buried and Me and had a pretty damn fun time doing so. But sometimes, things don’t always go according to plan. In this case, the audio from singer Tommy Rogers got lost due to some technical issues. It was a huge bummer on our end and we thought his part would never see the light of day…


He contacted us after hearing the bad news and wanted to overdub some audio over the footage, and by golly, he did it. We bring you The Lost Chronicles of BTBAM’s Tommy Rogers.

In full seriousness, it’s this kind of attitude that attributes to the success of an artist or band in this industry. When things go wrong unexpectedly, you find a way to make it fucking awesome. In Tommy’s case, his segment turned out way better than we ever dreamed of. Enjoy!

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  • hahaha good job Tommy!

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