AMARANTHE – Morten Lowe Sorensen Crushes “On the Rocks” (+ Solo!) Live on DRUM CAM


Much like a playthrough, only sweatier and featuring hordes of screaming fans, drum cams are one of the few times we non-drummers get the chance to figuratively have a seat on the throne ourselves. You know, see what it’s like to essentially steer your bandmates through a set every night in front of a packed house.

Well, Amaranthe drummer Morten Lowe Sorensen does just that on this drum cam during the band’s recent pass through Tampere, Finland. Not only does he flawlessly execute “On the Rocks” from their last record, Maximalism, he even tosses in a drum solo for good measure. And in case you had any doubts about how tight of a player he is, the click track is included for blowing our feeble minds.

Amaranthe are currently on tour and will be throughout the rest of 2017, so check out their official site to see when you might catch this beast live yourself.

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